Foundations of Yoga (6 Week Course)
April 22, 2020 May 27, 2020

Series Of Classes

Total # of Classes
Class length
90 minutes
Physical demands - your body, your yoga
ALL Levels
A 6-week Workshop 

In this workshop series, explore and cultivate your own yoga practice to feel equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to approach any Yoga Class, regardless of the style or name. You will also feel empowered on order to begin developing a home practice. 

Each workshop will be themed on one of the key elements of Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga. Each class will begin with theory and broken-down practical instruction, then evolve into an hour-long class, where you can hone your newly learnt skills. 

Week 1 - Pranayama (breath control)
Week 2 - Sun Salutations/Surya Namaskar
Week 3 - Foundation postures 
Week 4 - Drishti and bandha 
Week 5 - Vinyasa flow (short traditional transitional sequence)
Week 6 - Bringing it all together. 

Each class will include an insight into an aspect of yoga philosophy which underpin the physical practices and speak to their purpose.

It is essential  that you attend the whole block of six classes to gain the full benefits of this workshop series. Cost - Just £65 for all 6 x 1.5 hours workshops. Paid in advance. 

All workshops are non transferable and non refundable. Please ensure attendance is possible before reserving your place.

The class takes place on...

April 22 at 18:00 (Wednesday)
April 29 at 18:00 (Wednesday)
May 6 at 18:00 (Wednesday)
May 13 at 18:00 (Wednesday)
May 20 at 18:00 (Wednesday)
May 27 at 18:00 (Wednesday)

This class series has already started. Please contact us directly to register.